Virtualization and Cloud Solutions

Multiply the effectiveness of your infrastructure and reduce IT spend by having us reconfigure existing storage, server and network resources to more efficiently support your organization's users and applications.

Virtualization enables a much more nimble enterprise. With vastly increased capacity, the infrastructure can be more responsive to changes that business places upon it. Similarly, new processor-, storage-, or network-intensive applications and processes can be initiated without corresponding investments in new hardware. This can reduce the cost and complexity of software rollouts and updates required to adapt to a changing business environment.

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Virtualize to consolidate, simplify and optimize

A virtualization project involves our engineers combining multiple like components of the IT infrastructure (storage, servers or networking), and pooling their respective functional capacities. This results in a larger, more powerful or more available virtual components being accessible across the network.

The combined resource increases the functional capacity of existing components and permits it to be tapped, apportioned and reallocated dynamically in response to changing demand from diverse clients.

Reduce your IT spend

The most obvious benefit of committing to virtualization is the economic benefit. We can demonstrate how, by consolidating servers through virtualization, multiple applications run simultaneously inside the more efficient pooled resource. New applications can also be added without the need for corresponding physical server space for some time to come. In fact, a virtualized infrastructure often results in an idling or reduction of physical servers – trimming the physical footprint of IT resources and immediately cutting power consumption as well as cooling costs.

Given the virtualized environment's recapture of excess capacity, those savings can extend well into the future. And if your business is looking for ways to green your data center and to be an advocate for sustainability, virtualization is a viable solution.

Schedule a Cloud or Virtualization Strategy Workshop with our specialists to analyze your requirements and develop a customized approach to using virtualization and the cloud to improve business processes and reduce TCO.

Correlated Systems solution architects and engineers hold the highest levels of certification in all aspects of cloud and virtualization technology from every significant hardware and software manufacturer in the space.

Using industry-established best practices, Our team will develop and execute a plan targeting your specific business needs, including:

Managing virtualization and virtual server sprawl:
Once the reduction in the number of physical servers has been achieved, We help customers add management, backup/recovery and automation tools that provide the required quality of service and control virtual-server sprawl.

Fully virtualizing your remaining applications:
With a management suite in place for your virtual-server environment, there is good reason today to virtualize all of your servers as well. Virtualizing mission-critical applications, even on a 1:1 application-to-server ratio, can significantly improve availability of the application to the organization.

Adding private cloud functionality:
We help companies add private cloud capabilities to their environment, such as service catalogs, charge-back capabilities, and workload automation and self-service capabilities. This also sets the stage for a future move to a hybrid cloud strategy.

Implementing hybrid/public cloud capabilities:
We will work with you to assess your IT environment and its readiness for a move to the cloud. We'll use that information to help you develop a comprehensive cloud/virtualization strategy tailored to your environment and your your business goals.

Converged infrastructure:
Correlated Systems can build and deploy pre-configured and integrated converged infrastructure stacks that allow you to easily scale and grow cost-effectively. These solutions free up time by getting your team “out of the plumbing,” while ensuring quality configurations.

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