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SAP Migration

Correlated Systems provides the right kind of infrastructure especially for predictable performance within secure partitions, coupled with security for critical applications.

SAP environments manage many of the most complex organizations and place even greater demands on the infrastructure. Processing and delivering the right information day in and day out is critical to support an organization’s operations. And for many organizations, if SAP goes down their business is down. The SAP infrastructure has to be rock solid and according to Aberdeen “up to 70% of SAP productions are running on physical servers” to maintain the level of performance. The SAP future demands are only getting more demanding. We deliver the results today while balancing the future requirements from SAP.

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Correlated Systems implements the ideal infrastructure

Performance of SAP ERP workloads is enhanced via high speed interconnects across multi nodes and secure partitions (s-Par) that enable dedicated physical resources of processing, memory, and I/O for predictive performance. s-Par simulates the traditional SAP physical configuration in a secure and predictive virtualized environment and allows for fast deployment and agility needed by changing business requirements.

The solution requires rethinking the way mission critical solutions are deployed. Today’s Intel Xeon technology has the power and scalability to cost effectively support high availability applications like SAP and Oracle. The ideal solution provides the characteristics of mature legacy systems like UNIX and mainframe environments onto an Intel Xeon platform is the challenge.

44% of organizations are concerned with the performance of virtualized mission critical solutions. 69% of SAP customers are running physical environments to support their SAP implementations, significantly less than the industry average of 50% or more of servers are virtualized.

Smooth Transition

SAP is often one of the most important applications in an organization’s data center. The SAP applications are typically supporting the core business processes and business decision making. In the past many of these systems were implemented on UNIX as they needed the scalability and reliability provided by these platforms. Today, Intel platforms are delivering equivalent levels of performance and scalability at lower costs. Correlated Systems has developed a set of services to enable the smooth transition from legacy UNIX platforms to mission-critical Intel platforms with minimal risk. As part of this service, We will assess the current architecture and the needs of the various SAP landscapes, architect and design a new Intel-based approach that will enable additional capacity, improved service levels along with a strategy that matches the emerging SAP technologies.

Data Protection

Secure partitions can be connected through lightning fast in-memory connections on a single server and high speed secure connections across multiple servers for up to 400% faster than traditional communications. This means significantly improved application performance all on a common Intel platform reducing the latency of standard network architecture. We migrate to SAP through point to point communications eliminating common sniffing attacks to protect sensitive data. s-Par delivers the mission critical attributes for optimal performance, security, predictability and scalability for today’s memory and processing thirsty applications like SAP ERP, big data and Hadoop.

SAP Deployment

SAP is the leading supplier in the ERP market. Deploying these systems with us can offer significant TCO advantages when compared with deploying the applications in a RISC UNIX environment. We provide the right kind of infrastructure to meet these requirements, in particular predictable performance within secure partitions, coupled with security for critical applications.

SAP is making a fundamental change in the architecture with the development of SAP HANA. HANA is an in-memory database designed to improve system performance and to provide the infrastructure for real time analytics and big data reporting across the enterprise. The in-memory database requires higher levels of system performance and extensive memory. SAP estimates the memory requirements will average 4 TB with a high end of 70 TB within a server cluster. In this environment, dedicated hardware is required for predictable performance. We secure the partitions, and dedicate the resources, to provide the right infrastructure to meet the performance requirements of HANA, while offering a lower TCO than RISC UNIX.