Data Services

Data Center Consolidation

Correlated Systems provides the right kind of infrastructure especially for predictable performance within secure partitions, coupled with security for critical applications.

An ideal datacenter deployment needs IT agility and fast response to rapidly changing business dynamics. This means that applications need to perform at all times and new business requirements need to be implemented promptly. Applications deployed in virtualized environments need to be easy, with security you need, and without losing the predictability of performance.

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With Correlated Systems, Datacenter never goes out of control

Poday’s datacenter is under extreme pressure to become more agile while reducing cost. Driven either by regulations and compliance requirements or system performance demands, organizations continue to explore new ways to consolidate, reduce server complexity, optimize system management resources and leverage new technologies like virtualization to simplify operations and reduce costs.

The need for compliance, data security and system performance impacts how mission-critical applications and environments are consolidated within the data center.

Deployment of Mission Critical Applications

Technologies such as virtualization have reduced server sprawl by increasing the utilization of physical servers. However, the various applications are not completely isolated, which may lead to data vulnerability and performance problems. Consolidating brings many advantages:

  • Mission-critical security
  • Predictable performance
  • Isolated partitioning with dedicated hardware resources
  • Increased application and network performance
  • Effective system management
  • Scalability
  • Fast Interconnect

People, Processes and Technology

The Correlated Systems Data Center Consolidation Services combine the people, processes and technology, with the program and project management necessary to transform a client’s existing data centers into ones that provide business agility at a lower cost. Correlated systems offers a complete range of services that create a cohesive, end-to-end optimization and migration of data centers. And, Correlated systems offers a wide range of services for discovery, analysis, optimization, virtualization, consolidation, and migration of data centers that can complement client efforts and fill gaps in client skills and capacities.

Predicted cost savings through:

  • Reduced number of servers and maintenance contracts
  • Reduced software licensing, software maintenance and hardware maintenance requirements
  • Simplified system management
  • Effective disaster recovery and backup implementations