Data Center Solutions

Correlated Systems helps IT professionals plan, design and implement solutions that solve the most complex problems and establish a dynamic, service-oriented data center.

Whether you're planning a data center upgrade or building out an entirely new infrastructure, Correlated Systems goes beyond the technology to provide advice, knowledge and services. We'll also help you streamline each phase of your project - planning to deployment. And our hands-on approach to project management ensures timely, on-budget implementation of a quality data center solution.

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Correlated Systems is building modern data centers

Today's data centers and IT resources must be dynamic, efficient and service oriented to meet the ever-growing proliferation of technology innovation, more commonly referred to as the Internet of Things (IoT).

Our solution architects hold the highest levels of certifications from the manufacturer's Correlated Systems represents. These highly trained professionals will work side by side with you to implement a forward-thinking, effective and efficient data center.

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Converged Infrastructure

Converged infrastructure (CI) uses the concept of a modular architecture to enable IT organizations to easily, quickly, reliably and affordably install, upgrade and scale their operations. CI is an innovative and integrated approach to servers, storage and networking implementation. Correlated Systems solutions architects bring together the right combination of quality products to address - and go far beyond - common data center challenges such as performance, availability and agility.

Server Virtualization

Server virtualization solutions are evolving beyond their core capabilities (consolidation, optimization and business continuity) to create comprehensive platforms for private and hybrid clouds. Correlated Systems solutions architects acknowledge that a virtual-cloud convergence is close at hand. A solution that provides the ability to scale off-premise for performance and disaster recovery and scale back to on-premise at will makes server virtualization easy, cost effective and a smart decision for many organizations.

Storage Management

With the Internet of Things (IoT) sending shockwaves through data workflows, enhancements to storage management capabilities are critical. Correlated Systems storage architects design solutions that maximize storage utilization across heterogeneous platforms and storage arrays. Our solutions also address the storage performance and security concerns of the IT organization and end users. That's accomplished with technologies that automate storage capacity planning, isolate troublesome hotspots, map virtual machines to physical storage, analyze storage usage, and perform other functions that enable seamless operations.

Power and Cooling

Managing power and cooling in today's hyperscale data center is complex and sophisticated, involving higher power densities and warmer temperatures. Correlated Systems solutions architects determine the power, cooling and space capacities when projects involve significant changes to a data center environment. Our architects and engineers assess existing data centers and then design systems with real-time controls that are now available through innovative hardware, software and services. They include everything from more intelligent and versatile cooling technologies to data center infrastructure management systems to remote service delivery programs.

Correlated Systems is your source for data center technologies

As a single source provider of IT solutions and services, Correlated Systems makes the transition to a modern, converging data center simple. Our solutions architects and engineers leverage industry partnerships to design and implement a vendor-neutral open standard solution, or deploy a custom data center solution built on your existing standards.

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