Sales and Customer Services - CRM

We help companies acquire, develop and retain more profitable customer relationships through a broad range of capabilities that address every aspect of the customer experience.

Correlated Systems helps you accelerate growth, improve sales productivity and reduce customer care costs to increase the value of your customer relationships and enhance the economic value of your brands. Though companies are facing profound consumer changes, We found that rather than playing to win, most companies across industries have been playing “not to lose”. We captures these changing non-stop customer dynamics in a new way, defining the revenue potential at play, driven by consumer switching. It’s time for companies to play to win and realize their share of the estimated $5.9 trillion of global revenue at play.

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In a post-recession world, chief sales officers (CSOs), chief customer service officers (CCSO) and all executives charged with revenue generation face more challenges than ever as they lead their organizations toward growth and profitability.

Why Correlated Systems is your allied CRM strategic partner?

We offer a broad range of innovative capabilities that address every aspect of the customer experience, including:

  • Leadership: Consistently recognized by industry analysts and market experts as a leading provider of management consulting services for the front-office.
  • Clients: Providing CRM-related services to dozens of clients annually, most of them are among the top 500 in Saudi Arabia.
  • Experience: More than 30 years of management consulting experience, including front-office strategy and operations, in 28 industries.
  • Offerings: An end-to-end portfolio of management consulting, technology and outsourcing services for the entire customer-facing enterprise: marketing, sales and customer service.
  • Innovation: Proprietary methods, intellectual capital and software components, grounded in research-based insights and pioneering client engagements—including more than 83 pending and issued patents.
  • Alliances: A powerful alliance network, enabling us to deliver specialized skills and tailored solutions to clients.

Sales Transformation

Faced with continued pressure to capture greater revenue from existing customers, penetrate new and emerging markets and maintain profit margins in a challenging economy, many leading organizations look to transform their sales teams’ performance. Our Sales Transformation team focuses on the science of building a strong foundation for our clients’ sales organizations, followed by the art of improving critical relationship-building, listening and negotiating skills that define sales leaders. Our suite of offerings can enable your organization to:

  • Optimize Channel Mix and Capacity, based on Return on Investment (ROI) and customer preference.
  • Optimize Advertising and Compensation Spend to increase revenue and margin Return on Promotion (ROP) spend.
  • Develop a Customer-centric Pricing Model, driven by pricing analytics to achieve greater profitability and revenue.
  • Embed More Science into Sales Talent Acquisition and Retention Practices to create a measurable impact on finding and keeping the right sales representatives.
  • Accelerate Growth in New Markets (spaces, places, faces).
  • Optimize Cost to Serve by route and customer segment.
  • Boost Sales Productivity and Facilitate Deeper Customer Share of Wallet through customer- centric sales methodologies, processes and technologies, across business planning and strategy, sales execution and sales operations.

Customer Service Transformation

As customer segments evolve, tastes change, and demands increase, high performance organizations recognize the need to move beyond incremental change and pursue ways to integrate new service models that appeal to a more varied consumer base, target the right sets of customers and use technology to produce value-based service experiences. Our Service Transformation offering helps service organizations deliver differentiated customer experiences that reduce churn and improve profitability. With our help, your organization can:

  • Enable a Differentiated Service Experience that matches the upfront customer promise(s) across the entire value chain and customer life cycle.
  • Improve the Service Experience at both transactional and relationship levels.
  • Develop a Win-win, Cost-efficient Service Delivery that balances value to the customer with enterprise value.
  • Enable a Seamless and Consistent Service Experience across channels and throughout the entire service value chain.
  • Identify and Act Upon Customer Retention and Growth Opportunities within the service experience.
  • Use Customer Service Analytics to Precisely Measure and Evaluate the Outcomes of the experience to enable targeted improvements.

Pricing Strategy and Profit Optimization

Intense price competition for materials and services, more sophisticated customers and less predictability all require a new approach to sustained profitability. Correlated Systems offers a suite of road-tested Pricing and Profit Optimization services that can help you optimize profitability by building, implementing and sustaining advanced capabilities, in four areas:

  • Pricing Strategy
  • Analytics
  • Price-setting
  • Execution